Things We Love

Aside from each other, we also love a lot of other things. If we were Oprah, these are the things we'd give away.

Back to Our Roots Herbal Salt
This is a staple ingredient in our kitchen. It's made by hand by a nice lady in Ben Wheeler, Texas named Marjorie Vallejo. The ingredients aren't listed on the label, but I've talked to her about our gluten-free needs and she's given me a sneak-peak at the ingredient list and assures me it is, in fact, gluten-free.

Contact Marjorie at She'll send you your salt and you'll send her a check. She's delightful to order from. Be sure to tell her that Beth sent you!

Bearded Brothers Handmade Energy Bars
Bearded Brothers is a small, family-owned business based in Austin. Both brothers, Chris and Caleb are cool, outdoorsy, adventurous Austin types with a love for good, wholesome food. These adventursome brothers, both of them bearded, were inspired to work together to create a variety of organic, raw, vegan-friendly, gluten-free energy bars and seasoned nuts. Order some of their handmade energy bars. It's a delicious way to eat consciously and support some guys doing a good thing.
More info at on Facebook. Be sure to tell them Beth and Weldon said hi!

Pisces Tuna
This is good, good tuna. Its ingredients are albacore tuna and sea salt. It's cooked only once, when canned. This helps to retain the Omega-3 fatty acids. It tastes rich and meaty and hearty.

To order, you have to call on an actual telephone. There's no website, no email. These people are too busy fishing for that kind of nonsense. In addition to the albacore I bought, they also have smoked albacore, chinook salmon, smoked salmon, and variety gift packs.

Daryl and Sally Bogardus
PO Box 812
Coos Bay, OR, 97420
541-266-7336 or 541-821-7117

Rusty's Grass-fed Beef
After a lot of reflection, Weldon and I decided that if we're going to eat meat, it needs to be humanely raised and fed a decent diet. Rusty is a nice guy. I've met him. He believes in what he's doing and his family has been in the ranching business a long time. Read about him, his family, and his ranch at

Wholesome Foods Bakery
If you're looking for superior baked goods created each day by dedicated, loving people, this is the bakery for you. Anne and Taylor, the co-owners and head bakers of this gluten-free, soy-free, mostly dairy-free, all natural organic bakery, live with celiac disease themselves. They not only "get it," they also truly love what they do. It shows, friends, in each warm slice of bread, in each chocolately brownie, in each delicious and nutritious food bar. They are located in Dallas, but do not despair if they're not in your neighborhood. They ship nationwide.

Your Health Source
Every two weeks, we get a huge box of organic produce from Your Health Source. So big that we split it with our friends across the street. Wherever you are, they probably have a pickup site close to you. Find out at