About Us

We're GF/DF Support Coaches who live a GF/DF life ourselves. We offer our services to families and individuals that are making the transition into a GF/DF life, and to restaurants that want to educate their staff or make their menu GF/DF friendly.

Over the last year, we've been on a journey that's taken us into uncharted and unanticipated territory. Weldon's various and seemingly unrelated symptoms, that we thought at different times pointed to ADD, candidiasis, depression, and just plain craziness turned out to be a gluten-intolerance. And strangely, in the process of trying to fix him, we ended up fixing me, too. We've become immersed in research about food allergies and allergens, and how and why people live with restrictive diets.

Join us here for stories about our journey as we learn to cook and pack lunches, to share safe meals with family and friends, and best of all to truly live as a team. We can help you do it, too.