Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weldon's field trip to Cuquita's Restaurant!

A few weeks ago, Weldon and I spoke to the Carrollton Farmers Branch Rotary Club about living gluten-free. We were invited by restaurant owner Elizabeth Villafranca, who owns Cuquita's Restaurant and lives gluten-free herself. We had a great time meeting Elizabeth (and her awesome daughter, who baked gluten-free cupcakes for the Rotary Club that day!) and sharing our story with the Rotary Club.

About two weeks after that, Weldon was able to take a field trip to Cuquita's. I was off doing something that prevented me from joining him, but he brought back a video of his experience! Long story short: Cuquita's = good, good gluten-free dining. :) Check it out! (Please don't make fun of Weldon's Spanish. First of all, he tried. :) Secon of all, I already did.)

Special thanks to Cuquita's Restaurant and Todd Kent!

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